Arancini ( or fried risotto balls)

I was glad to discover this recipe last year as i hate  to eat the same dish twice in a row . I  can eat leftovers but is has to be served in a different way as the original dish. Since we often cook risotto at home, we were left with leftover rice that i didn’t enjoy eating a second time. But now i really enjoy my leftover risotto  and i especially cook more so i am sure to have leftovers. For this post i used my mushroom risotto in which i added some chopped basil , here is the recipe:


Serves 4:

* 3 cups of leftover risotto

*2 eggs

*1 cup of breadcrumbs

*1/3 cup of plain flour



1.Shape the risotto in 12 equals balls.

2.Heat some oil in a heavy deep pan or in a deep  fat fryer at 180 degrees Celsius.

3.Coat the arancinis in flour , then place in the beaten eggs and finally coat them  in the breadcrumbs .

4.Repeat the process for all the rice balls and start cooking them in batches until golden colour and crispy ( 3-4 minutes)

5.Once cooked serve 3 arancinis per guest with some marinara sauce .

Bon appetit

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