Beef stroganoff

This dish is prefect for cold winter nights,  cooked in less than 40 minutes it ‘s an all time family favorites served with a serving of pasta or rice. The quality of the meat will decide how good the dish will be , if you can get the end bits of beef fillets , it will be not too  expensive for a perfect tender meat at a reasonable  price .

beef stroganoffIngredients:

serves 4:

*500 grs of good quality beef such as beef fillet.

*1 onion

*1 bell pepper

*1 cup of sliced mushrooms

*2 tbsp of Dijon mustard

*1 tbsp of smoked paprika

*3 garlic cloves

*1/2 cup of creme fraiche

*1 tsp of sugar

*500 ml of beef stock

*2 tbsp of flour

*1 cup of white wine


1.Cut the beef in strips and start to fry in a casserole dish with some olive oil .

2.Peel and slice the vegetables then add to the meat , when the meat is golden brown add the spices along with the flour , cook for 2 minutes.

3.Deglaze with the wine , then add the mustard and beef stock . Cook until a quarter of the juice is left . Add the creme fraiche.

4.Cook for an additional 5 minutes , season with salt and pepper then serve.

Bon appetit


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