Peanut butterscoth sauce

In the 9 years i lived in Ireland , this summer is the hottest and ice cream is the only way to cool down after a night of work in the kitchen . Last time i decided  to add a little twist to our ice cream , While a friend was making butterscoth sauce for the pastry mise en place , i  got inspired to make my own sauce with a little twist , salted peanuts. It works really well with vanilla or coffee ice cream as it quite sweet. For this post i served it with    “BEN AND JERRY’S   CLEVER COOKIES”  ice cream , it was to die for.

Peanut butterscoth sauceIngredients:

*1 cup of salted peanuts

*1 cup of single cream

*1 cup of brown sugar

*1/2 cup of butter

*1/2 vanilla pod


1.In a saucepan , melt the butter with the sugar and cook until it is melted and bubbles start to form , add the cream reduce to low heat .

2.Split the vanilla in half , collect the seeds and place both in the sauce.

3.After 5 minutes the sauce should start to thickens , stir  well .

4.Once the sauce is cooked , add the peanuts and pour on ice creams and cakes .

Bon appetit


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