Crispy pork belly with a an apple and rosemary compote

I recently ate a lovely pork belly in a local restaurant and it was to die for , it was perfect , lightly coloured and crispy on the outside yet moist and tender on the inside. It was so beautifully cooked i didn’t have to use my knife during the meal. I know that i can recreate the same result using a sous vide machine and a water bath  but i  do not own this equipment YET. I seen that Asian chefs steam the pork belly before frying it for a better result so this is how i did it . For the accompaniment i decided to go simple as a nice apple   compote will compliment the dish well.

Crispy pork belly with an apple and rosemary compoteIngredients :

serves 4:

*8 pork belly slices ( around 1 inch thick)

*4 granny smith apples

*1 tbsp of sugar

*1 tbsp of fresh rosemary


1. Peel and roughly dice the apples , place in a saucepan with the sugar , rosemary and a splash of water . Cook on low heat.

2.Steam the pork belly for 5 minutes then let it completely cool.

3.Cook the apples until soft and keep aside .

4.When the pork is cooled down , place in a hot pan with  oilve oil and cook on every sides until  crispy and lightly coloured.

5.Serve hot with a generous spoon of apple compote.

Bon appetit.


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