chorizo and sweet pepper fondue

This recipe is great for busy people as it is done in 15 minutes and is really good . Off course this recipe can be vegetarian if you replace the chorizo by chickpeas . It is great accompanied with polenta , but you can also use pasta , rice or even a good bread.

Chorizo and sweet peppers fondueIngredients:

Serves 4:

*1 chorizo ( aound 300 grs)

*6 bell peppers

*6 shallots

*500 ml of chicken stock

*3 tbsp of tomato puree

*1/2 tbsp of thyme



1.Slice the chorizo and cook it in a frying pan .

2.Peel and dice the shallots then add to the chorizo.

3.Dice the peppers and add to the pan , cook for 2 minutes while stirring.

4.Add the stock and tomato puree , cook the fondue until most of the juice has reduced.

5.Once finished cooking , season with cracked pepper and serve.

Bon appetit


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