Floating islands ( or Iles flottantes)

Iles flottantes is a french classic dessert that basically a meringue poached in milk served on a bed of creme anglaise . The origin of the name for dessert come from the look of the finished dessert, it looks like a floating island (a sexy one).

floating islandIngredients:

Serves 4:

For the meringue:

*4 egg whites

*130 grs of sugar

*1 pinch of salt

For the creme anglaise:

*4 egg yolks

*600 ml of milk

*130 grs of sugar

*1 tbsp of cornflour

*1 split vanilla pod


1.Beat the egg whites with the sugar and salt until you obtain a stiff meringue .

2.Heat the milk from the cream anglaise with the vanilla pod.

3.Using 2 spoons  shape 8 small meringues that you  will poach in  the milk one minute on each side on low heat.

4.Once the meringue is cooked place on kitchen paper .

5.Mix the egg yolk ,sugar and cornflour until pale , pour the hot milk on top , mix well and  pour the mix back in the pot.

6.Using a spoon stir the creme anglaise until it thickens , then pour in a container until cold.

7.Once both meringue and sauce are cold serve and optionally decorate with caramel and toasted almonds

Bon appetit



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