Chorizo sausage and borlotti bean casserole.

Today i am working a split shift at work and was looking for a really quick meal to cook. I opened the fridge and made this dish with everyday ingredients that are always in my fridge . The dish itself took 10 minutes to cook and was a real delish.chorizo sausage and borlotii beans casserole



serves two:

*4 chorizo flavored sausages.

*1 courgette

*2 bell peppers

*180 grs of tinned borlotti beans

*1 tbsp of tomato paste

*1 cup of chicken stock

*2 garlic cloves


1.In a hot pan cook the sausage with some olive oil.

2.Slice the peppers and courgette then add to the sausages.

3.Peel and finely dice the garlic , add to the pan.

4.Once the sausages are coloured , add the stock , tomato paste and the drained beans.

5.Cook until most of the juice has reduced .

Bon appetit

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