Soy Milk Bread


Hooray~~ This is my successful first made of Soy Milk Bread! I really can’t imagine that myself also can make an awesome dairy free bread too.I’m feel super excited, happy and full of feeling accomplishment =) It’s amazing ! I hope this confident and successful feeling will bring me out more great recipes on my blog ^.^ Okay, get back to our making bread topic. There are many different methods or styles to making bread. My family likes the super soft, bouncy and fluffy texture of bread. So, the Tangzhong “Roux water” method definitely great for me to making this soft texture bread. This is an amazing method and the bread can stays soft and fluffy even after a few days.Sound great right ?! The soymilk bread is a healthy and full of nutritions and minerals, especially great for vegetarian. Let’s get started ~

万岁〜〜这是第一次制作成功的豆浆面包!我真的无法想象自己也能做出不含乳制品的手工面包.感觉超兴奋,快乐和满满的成就感=)太妙了!我希望这自信和成功的感觉会让我带给大家更多更棒的食谱在我的博客网页上^^好吧,让我们回到做面包的话题。市面上有许多以不同的方式和风格来制作面包。我家人喜欢超级柔软,有弹性,蓬松质感的面包。所以,利用Tangzhong“湯種”的方法肯定适合我所需要的柔软质感面包。这是一个了不起的方法,而且面包甚至可以经过几天后还维持蓬松及柔软的状态!听起来,很棒吧?! 豆浆面包非常健康,而富含了营养与矿物质的成分,特别适合素食者享用。让我们开始吧〜

Ingredients/ 食材:
[Tangzhong Ingredients]…

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