Comte cheese souffle

My fiancee recorded the last serie of masterchef starring michel roux jr.In the last episode the chef made his father classic cheese souffle and aisling asked me to recreate the recipe . First i struggled finding comte cheese but once bought , i had to cook the souffle , it was lovely and rich but next time one souffle with some salad will be our whole meal as the dish itself is really filling. The souffle nicely rised but once out of the oven , they started to collapse so sorry in advance for the pictures.

comte cheese souffleIngredients:

Serves 4:

*200 grs of comte cheese

*50 grs of flour

*80 grs of butter

*500 ml of milk

*3 eggs



1.Preheat the oven at 190 degrees Celsius.

2.In a saucepan  heat the butter , once melted add the flour and cook for a minute .

3.Add the milk , cook the sauce on low heat while constantly stirring until it thickens.

4.Once very thick , season the sauce and pour in a bowl to chill for a few minutes .

5.Once cold add the cheese and gradually the egg yolks.

6.Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff.

7.Carefully fold the egg in the mixture  then pour it in 4 greased ramequins or small ovenproof dish.

8.Cook 40 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius . No matter what do not open the oven door as the souffle will collapse and not rise .

9.Eat straight out the oven

Bon appetit

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