Salt and chilli tofu

As a food lover and a chef i have to try every kind of food that i never tasted to fill my ” CULINARY LIBRARY”. I gave a go a tofu a few years ago and hated the texture , the taste was okay but i didn’t like the consistency.  During my trip to hong kong last year i tried tofu but it was crispy , this was the moment when i found out that i love tofu (  fried only) . Since i love salt and chilli squid i decided to replace the squid by tofu for a meat free alternative.

salt and chilli tofuIngredients:

Serves 4  as a starter or 2 as a main course:

*500 grs of silken tofu

*1 large onion

*1 small chilli

*5 spring onions

*1 tbsp of sesame oil


1.Cut the tofu in bite size cubes .Place on kitchen paper to absorb extra moisture.

2.Using a deep fat fryer or a wok with enough oil  to fry in it , cook the tofu until light golden colour.Once cooked place on kitchen paper to chill for a few minutes .

3.Once chilled fry the tofu a second time until golden brown , this process will make the tofu extra crispy.Once cooked place on kitchen paper.

4.In a wok , cook the sliced onion and chilli with the sesame oil for 2 minutes before adding the sliced spring onions and the crispy tofu.

5.Generously season with salt and cracked pepper before serving .

Bon appetit.


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