Smoked salmon and cream cheese ravioli

This was my first attempt at making ravioli as i never had the opportunity to make them during my career.  Since i love smoked salmon i thought it will be a good filling for those ravioli but i already know that i will be using bolognaise to fill my next batch of ravioli, i cannot wait…

smoked salmon and cream cheese ravioliIngredients :

Serves 2:

*2 eggs

*200 grs of type 00 flour

*1 tbsp of olive oil

*200 grs of smoked salmon

*100 grs of cream cheese

*1 tbsp of chopped chive

*zest and juice of half a lemon


1.Combine together the four,eggs and olive oil to form a  dough .

2.Knead for 3 minutes until smooth and elastic. Cover in cling film and chill for 10 minutes.

3.In the meantime , chop the salmon  then add to the cream cheese,lemon  and chive . Season with cracked pepper and keep in the fridge.

4. Set up  the pasta machine on your kitchen counter and sprinkle some flour on it to stop the dough from sticking to it.

5.Start rolling out the dough at the thickest setting twice and repeat the process  setting the size down every time until the pasta sheet is at it thinnest.

6.Cut the pasta sheet in half and place the first half on a floured surface.

7.Place 6 spoons of salmon mixture on the dough with a minimum of 2 inch between each.

8.Brush some water on the uncovered pasta sheet and place the second sheet on top of the first one .

9.Press around the filling to remove any air in the ravioli.

10.With a ravioli stamp or using a cookie cutter or simply a knife cut each ravioli and lay the ravioli on a plate covered with cling film .

11.Cook the ravioli in a pot of boiling salty water  for a minute or two until the ravioli floats at the top then with a slotted spoon place on kitchen paper to drain.

12.Serve on a bed of salad drizzled with olive oil .

Bon appetit

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