The cold weather has finally arrived which mean it’s time to cook some belly warming dishes. To me apart from stews , winter dishes consist of potato based baked dishes such as ”  GRATIN DAUPHINOIS” , “BAECKEOFFE”, “TARTIFLETTE” and many more. Luckily i can finally find the base of this dish which is a cheese called “reblochon”, if you see it in a shop , buy it and try this recipe .


Serves 4:

*1 kg of potatoes

*250 grs of bacon lardons

*1 reblochon cheese

*1 onion

*300 ml of single cream

*2 garlic cloves


1.Cook the potatoes with the skin on until soft.

2.In the meantime ,cook the bacon in a frying pan with the sliced onion and diced garlic  for 5 minutes .

3.When the potatoes are cooked , peel the skin with a knife and slice the potatoes.

4.In a gratin dish place first  half of the sliced potatoes , add the cooked bacon and onion and finish with the remaining potatoes.

5.Pour the cream over the potatoes , then place the cheese that you previously cut lengthwise then halved.

6.Place in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes.

Bon appetit


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