hello everybody  my name is anthony , as a child i used to watch cooking show and being passionate about cooking , so in high school when the teacher asked which job i would like to do , i  answered chef , and a few weeks later started my first placement in a professional kitchen . it was not a good experience as i got the peeling duties for a week , imagine peeling every morning a bucket of potatoes , onions , carrot , garlic when you are only 13 its not very pleasant . a few months later i got my second placement in a steakhouse where i found what really kitchen is all about : PASSION , LOVE OF FOOD AND GREAT INGREDIENTS. it was not a fancy menu but everything was fresh made to order from a team that loved their job and made me more motivated to become a chef. for my final placement i worked in a fancy bistro and it was enven better the whole staff was so passionate about cooking and the food was amazing , from roasted foie gras to pan fried skate with an orange dressing or the strawberries with a champagne sabayon,it was the best experience of my life. after that i went to chef school for 4 years during which  i had a few extra placement and work experience for weekends and holidays and i got all my degrees so i started a job in a hotel in cannes as a commis it was a good job with a head chef  who has more knowledge about food than anybody i met in my entire life , any questions you had about any recipe , ingredients or cooking , he always had an answer , he was a pleasure to work for . after a year in this hotel i had to leave , me and the boss didnt get along very well , so i answered an add in a french newspaper for a job in ireland and a few hours later i got a job in ireland and 6 days  later i arrived in ireland and never left since  , it was in 2005.

so i decided to start a blog to share my passion of cooking , give a few of my ideas or recipes that i made during my career, and also meet people that share the same interest about food . so have a look at my blog leave comments and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do

Bon Appetit…

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  1. Thanks for the follow pal! I’ll definitely check back in for recipes, make sure to continue checking up on my blog for stupendous daily advice 🙂

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  3. What an inspiring story. Go for your dreams! Thanks for following and checking my blog. I really look forward to referring to recipes of a real chef. Happy blogging!

  4. What a fantastic blog! I was inspired by my New Zealand Grandma who was a baker par excellence…

    My Granddads ultra limited palate curbed any of her other natural cooking skills, but who cared if dinner was always forever overdone potatoes, carrots and beans if as a kid you knew that dessert was going to be amazing and that biscuits and cake in the tins in the pantry were to die for? LOL

    I love trying new ingredients but a long list of allergies in the family (including my own) plus half of the out-laws being vegetarian has seen some serious and unexpected menu rehashes sometimes.

    I love food photography too… and cooking in France! … THAT would be a dream come true!

  5. Food is one of my passions and it is nice to meet someone who shares this passion! Thank you Anthony for signing up to follow my blog! I hope you like not only my food posts, but others as well!

  6. Thanks for following my blog “Sweet Spell Bakeshop”. I look forward to checking out your blog too. Your pictures look great. =)

  7. Hi Anthony wow love your work! Each cuisine is filled with passion. Thanks a million for sharing. I also appreciate your following The Pearl Kitchen. Hope you will enjoy the journey 😉

  8. Hi, and thank you for visiting my blog and liking today’s post on Lemon Curd. Stop back next week to see what I did with it. I can tell from your writings that you are passionate about food as I am. I will be keeping up with what you are posting.

  9. Thank you for liking my post on the soya sauce chicken. You have an interesting Blog, and I ‘ll be back. Are you posting some Irish recipes for St. Patrick’s Day? Do drop by again.

  10. I loved those cooking shows, too. My mom despaired of me: I would imitate them by using every pot in the house to set up my “ingredients” all over her counter, but I was never very good at cleaning up, and I never could imitate that wonderful clicking sound the wooden spoon makes as it scrapes out a prep bowl. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Hi Anthony!

    It’s such an ego booster to see established bloggers like you liked my post! I’m new here and you don’t know how much it means to me to know that people are actually reading my posts!

    I love love love your blog and I hope I could emulate it in the future! Heehee. I know it’s a loooooong run, but I’ll get there (I hope)

    x Gaby

  12. Great blog man, love the recipes! Especially the pulled beef, will have to give that one ago. Looking forward to future posts 🙂

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  14. Looking forward to reading some of your recipes (and probably trying them too!) Thanks for the like on the lazy weekend chilli post 😀

  15. Hi Anthony! I just wanted to thank you for visiting me at gullycreekcottage.com! I appreciate it very much and I hope you will follow along. I enjoyed looking over some of your awesome recipes! Blessings~ Belle

  16. Hello Anthony!! Thanks so much for the follow on my blog! I love the theme and design of your blog …nice job! I look forward to looking through at all your delicious recipes. Happy blogging! Arlene 🙂

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